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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein bond that is found within our bodies that relaxes the hair from the follicle. This protein is broken down by washing our hair, ageing, heat styling hair and sweating. L’Abrea uses state of the art technology to create a smooth, relaxed and straightening hair. L’Abrea is Australian made and owned, contains 95% natural ingredients and is vegan certified. Tradition Keratin smoothing and straightening products are harsh on the skin and scalp and contain dangerous and toxic chemicals such a Formaldehyde and ammonia. L’Abrea products allow you to safely smooth and straightening your hair without slowing you down, unlike traditional keratic products with L’Abrea you can wash your hair as early as one hour after treatment unlike the standard three day waiting period.

2. How often do I need to repeat L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

Everyone’s hair is different, it has different properties, textures and grows at a different rate. Typically the team at HeadSpa recommend a L’Abrea Keratin Treatment routine of reapplication every 3-5 months to ensure all new growth is smooth and straight. If you hair is thicker and curlier you may wish to increase this routing to every 90 days to achieve optimum results.
For best results pair your L’Abrea treatment with the L’Abrea specialist aftercare shampoo and condition, this advanced formula is SLES free and prolongs the results of your Keratin treatment.

3. Can I colour, bleach or lighten hair on the same day that I apply L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

It is possible to do colour the same day but best to consult our staff prior to doing so.

4. What are the benefits of using L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?
Unlike other Keratin straightening and smoothing treatments L’Abrea products create results that are not only safe but last. These incredible results reduce the time taken to style the hair and create healthy hair habits by reducing the need to use damaging heat styling tools such as tongs, straightening irons and hair dryers.

5. Why should I choose L’Abrea Keratin Treatment over other keratin products available on the market?

L’Abrea Keratin Treatments are a safer alternative to traditional Keratin treatments. Traditionally these product contain high levels of dangerous chemicals such as Formaldehyde and ammonia. These toxic chemical when exposed to the scalp, hair and skin can irreversible damaging effects and have been know to link to cancer, skin irritations and burns.

6. How effective will the results be for very curly hair, using L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

Effectiveness can only be measured on a case by case basis due to the individual nature of each client’s hair. It is best to contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation to further understand that results that can be achieved. The more times you repeat the treatment the better the results will be for thick, curly hair.

7. Should I recommend any special products to maintain the hair after applying L’Abrea Keratin Treatment?

To achieve long lasting results and to maintain the overall health of your hair the team at HeadSpa recommend pairing your L’Abrea Keratin treatment with a L’Abrea after care pack that includes shampoo and conditioner. All L’Abrea shampoo and conditioners are gentle on the hair ensuring that the hair cuticles are not left open where Keratin can be lost.

8. If hair has been chemically treated (coloured, straightened etc), can I use L’Abrea Keratin Treatment without damaging or breaking the hair?

Of course! L’Abrea Keratin Smoothing and strengthening treatments replenish the keratin bonds within your hair making it healthier, happier and shinier.